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Achieve 365

Preparing today’s
students for tomorrow’s SUCCESS!

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Achieve 365 is to support students to become confident and capable learners via knowledge and skills improvement prior to graduation. 

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These skills enhancements will translate to a successful transition from high school to post-secondary educational options, including trade skills, technical college, and/or 4-year institutions. 

Become 1 of 1,000 Standing for a Better Future!


Bridging Futures: Support Achieve 365's Educational Empowerment Mission.

It's essential to recognize that what should be basic necessities are becoming increasingly difficult for students to access, particularly within a systematic and underfunded school system. Achieve 365 aims to address this disparity, with a focus on empowering underrepresented students, particularly African Americans

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Our Services

  • Youth Employment Opportunities

  • GED/Hi-SET Attainment

  • 10Si™ Assessment

  • Tutorial and Skills Development Program

  • High School Transition Support 

Driven by rising youth crime, declining graduation rates, and the imperative for economic progress in today's expensive world.

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